January 23, 2017

Alden Christian was quoted in the Law Times regarding a recent success.  Alden was defending an expert witness who was retained by a lawyer, and then sued by that same lawyer.  The Court ordered the lawyer pay to the expert $36,000 in legal costs.

"I don't think the plaintiff knew how to stop the ball rolling down the hill once he started." - J. Alden Christian

Law Times Article, January 23, 2017

MBC is pleased to announce that Neil Kennedy was hired back after his articles with the firm!  Neil practices in civil litigation and with the Financial Loss Advisory Group.

Harold Geller appeared on The Zoomer to talk about retirement security.  The show aired on Vision TV on July 18, 2016.  You can watch the episode HERE

MBC was pleased to sponsor the CCLA Solicitor's Conference this year!


The 2016 Advocacy Club Retreat will take place on Saturday April 30, 2016, in Courtroom 37. The organizers are Michelle Doody, Jeremy Rubenstein, Natalie Scott and Suzie Dunn. The theme is Communications with Clients, Bench,Bar and the Public. You will learn to advance your practice and dodge the land mines. All proceeds will support the CNIB Score program.  To register, contact John Hollander.

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